Video and DVD Production


Why and What?

Resource found that the activities taking place inside key meetings, strategic events and training workshops were so important as to demand that they be captured for others to see. At first it was the ‘evidence’ of change and solutions using digital camera. This soon evolved to video as a means of keeping a record of the: activities; unfolding events and training

How and When?
We provide video cameras at any key event and capture all the key moments: presentations; interviews; group activities; solutions and outcomes. We can record training courses/workshops

Where and Who?
We provide this anywhere: on site; at ‘away days’; outdoors for any organisation and any need? We have produced videos for: Network Rail to capture people’s views of a project; BASF to show customers perceptions; Egyptian Liquid Natural Gas to capture key moments in a Leadership Conference; trainers to provide added-value material for cascade.

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