Organisational Questionnaires

The Organisational questionnaires are designed to give an insight into the organisation’s profile in the context of change or a major project against five key capabilities:

Change Complexity: the complexity of the impending change/project measured against a number of key factors that determine how difficult the change/project will be.

Readiness for Change: the organisation’s capability to manage the change/project and how ready it is for the change.

Resistance to Change: this profile measures the resistance to change that needs to be identified and recognised in order to manage it effectively

Economic /Values: the delicate balance between the ‘economic’ imperative for change and the need to preserve and enhance the ‘organisational ‘Values’ and ethos.

Strategic Leadership style: the leadership style required by the organisation (as demonstrated by the leaders and Managers) in the light of the impending change/project.

All these are aspects which determine the ability of the organisation to be effective in the context of change.

The Profiles from each questionnaire are displayed as a "Change Dashboard" for use by the leadership/management team.

For more information on how you can use these profiles in your organisation please contact us.

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