Facilitation - a Manual of Models, Tools and Techniques


Facilitation a Manual of Models, Tools and Techniques for Effective Group Work

ISBN: 978-0-9556435-1-4

Tony Mann

This Manual is aimed at the operational managers - the specialists; those on the front line of production and (service) delivery. It is meant to inspire you to achieve even greater things, to be effective at the one thing that seems to allude us, the management of groups, meetings and achieving things in discussion with others. The methods and approaches commended in this Manual are proven to actually work. They are not just 'hot air' or management speak; but down to earth tools and techniques based on sound theory, which can help you be even more effective. You will be required to trust in the tools and techniques, like trusting an instructor who tells you that they packed your parachute personally; believing that it will open! Further than that, the instructor will be telling you how to jump, how to deploy your 'chute and how to land, but after all the instruction it will be up to you to put what you have learnt into action. This Manual pulls this knowledge and practice together - it contains 33 models, tools and techniques, that will help you to help groups work more effectively.

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