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Resource Productions - Offering Facilitation Techniques and resources

RP Publishing publishes books, manuals, DVDs and resource materials for participative change management, project management, knowledge management, strategic change, process improvement, facilitation and facilitation training courses.

We have a Video and DVD editing capability to capture your training material and events live on DVD and to provide it internally or to your clients and stakeholders.

RP also produces books and manuals on the art, science and skill of facilitation and change management

The books are the result of years of practical experience – ‘..the best book on Facilitation that I have read….’ Bill Mitchell, Management Consultant “How refreshing to find a Manual that talks to you, not at you and not having to read it several times to digest its contents…” John Gilchrist - Technical Services Coordinator, University of Dundee, Estate and Buildings Office.

The DVDs capture the essence of great facilitation – bringing alive the concepts, models, tools and techniques required to be an excellent facilitator.

The Models, Tools and Techniques provide a wide range of practical and useable tools, which can help you in a variety of situations.

The Questionnaires give personal insights into your: Belbin Team Role, Facilitation and Emotional Intelligence profile.

The Tips offer invaluable insights into facilitation, born out of years of experience and the ‘real life’ facilitation of events and participative change projects.

Browse the site; explore the wide range of material on offer. Maybe when you have seen what we do and how we do it you may decide that we can help you by offering you or your managers training to become excellent facilitators.

Maybe we can help by facilitating your event or helping you in a participative change project.
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